Satchmo's Cajun and Barbecue

Flagstaff, AZ

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Established in January of 2009, Satchmo's began in a 250 square foot drive through building with only 2 employees. Nowadays Satchmo's is comprised of a group of individuals that are simply referred to as "The Fam." A family that's as diverse as Flagstaff is as a community.Gatherings of family, friends, and community around great food is an ideal that began long before we opened our doors. And we base every day on those ideals. When you step foot into Satchmo's you're treated like family (yup, even if you are the Crazy Uncle!).

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    C'mon, who else combines veterans, smoke, beers, characters from a galaxy far away, guest chefing around town, teaching K-12 students, festivals, Rt66 Chili to Cars, backyard weddings to mountain side weddings, backstage hospitality for endless blues, rock, bluegrass, jazz, country, and hip hop acts? Whew!...and that's just to name a few! It's kinda hard not to find a little Satchmo's while you roam around our great little mountain town. And we wouldn't have it any other way! Satchmo's, where we don't serve customers...we serve guests! It's easy for us to tell you how good for your soul our food is, but why not ask your friends?

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    Cajun, Creole, and Barbecue are all comfort foods. They may vary from region to region, but even more so from home to home and family to family. We based our Southern selections and barbecue on traditional ideas that have deep roots and then put our own spin on it. Our cast-iron cornbread is made in-house daily; soups and stocks are made from scratch; and cajun spice blends are all made in-house. Our barbecue is paired with hand-blended rubs and then slow-smoked over carefully selected wood (without goin' too heavy on the smoke). And while we understand that it may not taste just like your Grandma's gumbo or just like Pop's barbecue, what we do understand is cookin' with love, and that is just like Grandma and Pop did.

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    No frills and simple. Call it home-style or call it comfort food, it's just somethin' we like to call "Good for Your Soul" food. Our hope is to give you the best tasting food and offer a memorable experience during your visit with us.

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    Satchmo's, along with its sister Catering Company and Event Venue ROUX66, offers everything from simple counter caterings to full-service sit-down dinners. Combined with ROUX66, our menus include options that reach beyond the great Cajun & Q found on our everyday menu. From whole hog to hot dogs, we've gotcha covered!